Casting Networks – A Quick Start Guide & FAQs for TV and Theatrical Actors

As many of you know, Casting Networks recently partnered with 20th Century Fox TV and Theatrical to be their exclusive software platform for the casting process.  We have been working as quickly as we can to make the transition as efficient as possible for everyone involved. The onboarding process has been a big undertaking, and we really appreciate your patience through this time.

Important Note

We are aware of the TV and Theatrical actor community’s concerns about having to join and pay for yet another service.  While much of the information that has been circulated is inaccurate, we are working as quickly as possible to make Casting Networks’ free offering for repped actors much more robust.  Effective immediately, we will:

  • Offer an additional free photo for new profiles (2 total)
  • Offer free media hosting to upload video reels and clips during this transition
  • If you have an existing casting networks profile, we are able to copy your resume, media and photos to any new profile, free of charge if it is on the same platform

In the first half of 2018, we will introduce a permanent new free offering that will be the best free offering on the market. This is our promise to you.   read more

The Competitive Edge — Seven Things That Make An Actor Successful (that you can’t learn in class)

The Competitive Edge — Seven Things That Make An Actor Successful (that you can’t learn in class)

Welcome to the start of 2018.  It’s that time of year.  You are refreshed and pumped up, renewed and ready to start the New Year on the right foot.

I’m always asked what makes someone successful in this business.  Stating the obvious would be you need to know the basic strong foundation of acting, know the technique of the venue you are working in and be aware of how the business works.  The good thing is there are lot’s of classes to take and articles to read to arm yourself to be the mighty worrier to learn what it takes to be competitive.  

However, I am going to share with you the other things that makes an actor successful, that people just can’t seem to articulate.  

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An Interview with Award-Winning Director and Writer Laura Smith

Currently busy in development with her latest project which is in conjunction with Lunar Lander films’ BFI vision award funded slate, Laura is no stranger to hard work, grinding and getting the work done. Previously Laura directed five short films that were all commissioned by the BFI and Channel 4, amongst others, as well as directing countless episodes of television for some of Britain’s most well known shows like The Cut and Hollyoaks. She is one busy lady. We sat down with Laura to find out what she is up to now, how she feels about casting actors, and the state of play for female directors in the UK right now – because it is a hot topic right now after all.

Eva Film Still 10 11 17

Clara Perez and Sarah Preston in EVA Director Laura Smith, NFTS/FILM LONDON/BRITISH COUNCIL

 Casting Networks: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about how you got started in the directing world, and how long you’ve been directing? Was it through studying at NFTS or did it start way before you were accepted into the highly prestigious NFTS director course?read more

Commercial Actors Should Never…Stop Assessing Why They Don’t Show Up.

Commercial Actors Should Never…Stop Assessing Why They Don’t Show Up.

One of the great mysteries (and frustrations) in the casting world is why some actors don’t show up to their audition appointments. Right now you, the actor, are either shouting at your computer in exasperation because you would never miss an audition, let alone be unprepared or late. Or, you are going though the list of what seems to be legitimate reasons an actor (ahem, you) sometimes miss auditions. And while I’ll fully admit those legitimate excuses exist, I’m sure it’s not nearly as often as I hear them. What’s the big deal? That’s well covered territory, but a quick recap: it’s a BIG deal. So, what gives?

Commercial actors should never stop assessing why they don’t show up. read more

The Conscious Actor – Two Powerful Tips For a Transformative New Year

The Conscious Actor – Two Powerful Tips For a Transformative New Year

The New Year arrives wrapped in a glistening layer of Hope. There is a sense that one can start over. The slate is cleared. All our mistakes and misfortunes are joyfully replaced by visions of abundant opportunities arising in the future. The word “new” is such a delicious word. It comes packed with the thrill of experiencing something good. The hope of finally getting what you have desired. read more

Theatre Review: Ashes to Ashes

When you are a true lover of the theatre, many believe you have a higher calling/moral obligation to support the new stuff, the home grown stuff, the challenging, strange and goofy stuff. We all want a world with new and innovative theatre and not just the classics produced over and over. Los Angeles has a surprising amount of new theatre being produced and supporting the cause is important, if not required. Now let’s be clear, you don’t have to like it and many times you probably won’t. But those shows turn into, or, at the very least, provide a start for the shows that take our breath away, inspire and entertain us. You can’t have one without the other. read more

Health Uncensored: Resolutions…Hit the Road!

Health Uncensored: Resolutions…Hit the Road!

The beginning of the year always brings up lists of resolutions and goals. There is a place for that at times, and other times, a resolutions place is in the trash. Yep, you heard that right. There is so much pressure to create grand lists, become a “regular” at the gym and completely cut out carbs, sugar and dairy. Just writing that sentence makes me wanna cuddle up in sweats only suitable for the house with a big bowl of pasta topped with parmesan. My idea of the way to start a new year is to clean the clutter on the outside which inadvertently cleans the clutter on the inside. read more

L.A. Survival Guide: Why You Should Take a Creative Sabbatical

“Perspective gives us the ability to reflect on our lives and to gain a very necessary distance from the daily bubble we live in” – Miranda O’Hare

A few months back, I came quite close to booking a job that I had become very attached to. When I found out that in fact I had not booked the job, instead of my usual ‘ugh that sucks, forget about it three minutes later’ routine, this one stung. I tried to brush it off and continue on but a couple of hours later when I found myself crying into a plate of fries sending dramatic texts in caps to my friends like ‘I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS,’ I realised I might be a little upset about this one. read more

5 Questions with Damien Ryan, Artistic Director of Sport For Jove Theatre Co.

“I believe very strongly in the quality of an ensemble spirit”
-Damien Ryan, Managing Artistic Director, Sport for Jove.

Damien Ryan

For many actors home is where the theatre is. Whilst the big bright shimmering lights of Hollywood lure many of us into the world of motion pictures, there is something comforting about the authenticity and artistic freedom of the stage that permits actors of all different merit to tread the boards throughout their careers.

Sport for Jove (SPJ) is one of Australia’s leading independent theatre companies. As a producer I have always admired their hard work and cultural contribution to the independent art scene and, as an actor I have always been in awe of their immense talent and vision.

Managing Artistic Director of SPJ is the multi award winning director Damien Ryan, with a career that spans over 20 years in the industry as an actor and a director; Damien has been the driving force in cementing SPJ.

In the midst of another successful outdoor summer season, Damien shares with us a detailed and insightful look into Sydney’s most compelling independent theatre company. read more

The Competitive Edge — What Part Can Social Media Play In Your Career

The Competitive Edge — What Part Can Social Media Play In Your Career

Social media is a way of life and should not, and cannot be avoided.  It’s worth looking at the pros and cons of social media in your career.


A big question seems to be, “does it matter how many followers I have?”  “Will I get more auditions or book more commercials if I have more followers?”  “Can the number of followers I have help me get more bookings?”

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