The Casting Director Is On Your Side

Once you’ve stepped into a casting director’s studio, realize that we are one hundred percent on your side. We truly want you to be exactly right for the role and we do everything possible to make you sparkle and shine. It doesn’t always seem that way to actors, however. To them, we may seem rude, evasive, or unhelpful. Try being us for a day.

Consider this scenario. I was working with another casting director on a major studio production. It was a difficult role requiring a very young actor, who could perform physical comedy. My colleague knew the exact actor and introduced him to the director immediately within the first pool we presented. No matter how persuasively she tried to convince him, the director said, “no way, keep looking.” Five hundred actors later, she slipped this very same actor into the mix again, and the director said, “Yes! That’s him! You see what happens if you keep looking.” This story epitomizes the frustration of being a casting director. We want dearly to book the role because then our search is over, but it can be a long road until we actually get approval.

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