Getting a Spring into Your Step


It’s a new year and that means a new me.

With January and February out of the way and all our good intentions slipping away with it, it’s time to take a long hard look at your careers and make some positive changes! It’s nearly Spring and it’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself, or at least put the right foot forward when making 2016 count.

As a Casting Director, there is nothing more frustrating than when actors haven’t taken the time to make sure their photos, bios, and personal details are up-to-date. After all, it’s our job to cast the right person and we want that to be you. So surely you want to give yourself the best possible chance.

Here are some of the key things to consider as you are doing your actor spring more

MOFILMS: The What, the Why, and the How

Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring articles on MOFILM in our Casting Networks newsletters to highlight just one of the many ways beginning filmmakers can gain experience. MOFILM is an organisation that connects brands to a global community of filmmakers and creatives to produce more story-driven content marketing and get it seen by millions around the world. We want to talk to them about everything, from how actors get cast to how filmmakers can use platforms like MOFILM to generate content.

To start us off, we spoke to the Director of Community and Communication at MOFILM, Kerry Gaffney, to find out a bit more about the MOFILM team, what exactly they do, and how they help filmmakers create unique work.

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