Interview With Actor Brad Moore

We were delighted this month to interview up and coming actor Brad Moore, who has just had a starring role in Golden Years and the feature Gloves Off coming out soon. His debut was in The Rise, featuring Timothy Spall. Here, he shares with Casting Networks what it’s like to settle into an acting career in the second phase of your life, ways to be clever about securing roles, and some fun moments in Cannes.

Casting Networks: So first things first, Brad. You recently starred in Golden Years. Can you tell us a little more about your role in this film and how this film came about? 

Golden Years

Golden Years

Brad Moore: I was introduced to the director, John Miller, and co- writer, Nick Knowles, from DIY SOS at the Cannes film festival by my friend, the producer, Mark Foligno. They were out there trying to raise finance for the film. I was there trying to find work, but mostly spending money I didn’t have on drinks that I couldn’t afford! Anyway, they told me all about the film’s premise and the character, and it was of course immediately something I wanted to be involved with. Pensioners robbing banks? What’s not to like?!!  So I quickly proceeded to deploy my usual technique of running some “early sketch” improvisations of what I thought the character would be like (couple of drinks will help with this risky strategy!). So after a few turns from me, John and I clicked on who we thought DC Keith Stringer would be and they cast me. We then had a few more character sessions before Stringer was fully formed.

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His & Hers: A Look at Biggest Actor Mistakes


Welcome to His & Hers, in which an entertainment industry business advisor and actress/mentor give their take on the latest topics that come up when they’re mentoring and coaching actors. 

This month John Byrne, an entertainment industry business advisor who writes for The Stage, and coaches actors around the globe compares thoughts with Angela Peters, actress and acting mentor with clients in the UK, LA, and AU, on the topic of What we think are the biggest mistakes actors make.


It does surprise me sometimes when I meet with actors who want help because they are not getting work or can’t get an agent, but who appear to have a laundry list of jobs they won’t do – from commercials, to fringe plays, to theatre in education. I can certainly understand it when actors have already done a lot of a certain kind of work, but quite often this picky attitude seems to come from actors who are just starting out and haven’t done very much at all. The rationale I often hear given is that “casting directors won’t be interested in coming to small plays or children’s shows” or that the big casting directors won’t rate work done on commercials, or even that “the actors I admire don’t do that kind of work so I don’t either.”

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Surviving Actors Hits Manchester

Surviving Actors

This week Casting Networks spoke with the ladies who created Surviving Actors, a wonderful networking event that takes place annually and offered to actors for free. It’s a chance for them to find out more in various parts of the industry. To mingle and to meet other fellow aspiring actors.

Casting Networks: Firstly, what is Surviving Actors? 

Surviving Actors: Surviving Actors is essentially a big networking event where actors can come along and network with the industry to pick up various information and resources to help them develop their career.

CNI: Can you tell us how Surviving Actors started and how long it’s been going for now?

SA: We are now 8 years old and our first event started in the basement of a night club (oh the glamour, I know!) Founder Felicity Jackson had the idea of offering a careers fair to help actors seek out survival jobs for financial support. That was the initial idea but it quickly grew arms and legs to encompass a wide range of support elements for those pursuing a career as an actor.

CNI: For any actor who is just starting out, why is it so important that actors get along to events like this?read more