#BreatheMoveReact: Mind Fitness

RUOK tanks available at http://www.theupsidesport.com/ruok-tank 100% of proceeds go towards this great initiative

RUOK tanks available at http://www.theupsidesport.com/ruok-tank 100% of proceeds go towards this great initiative

This month in honour of RUOK DAY on September 8, I want to talk about mind fitness. Exercise keeps our bodies fit and healthy. However, our minds are just as important as our muscles, so this month, let’s incorporate mental health in our workouts!

As actors, our imaginations, and ability to believe and see beyond our noses is what makes us unique from one another. We work for years developing the ability to bring a role to life, but what we are never taught is how to “cool down” and shake off the residual matter left by a performance.

I remember playing a mother who had just discovered her husband was abusing their children; after one rehearsal, I found myself in a ball sobbing long after the scene had ended and stuck in a dark cloud of despair. My director’s advice was that I needed to find a way out. DUH! Of course I did, but how?

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#BreatheMoveReact: Keeping it Core



Hey guys!

As actors, the ability to transform is paramount. To create and live within all the unique physical and vocal traits we as human beings possess, allows for the creation of a truthful character. This skill comes from a neutral place of being for the actor. We must start with a clean board and then paint upon it the strokes of the character. At the heart of neutral is our core. Our core is made up of several different muscles which all work to stabilize us. If we have a strong core, with an awareness of posture and efficient movement, we can add in the tidbit’s that comes from living and experience. The slight hunch, the limp, the over exuberant walk, the bits that humanize and flesh out a role.

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#BreatheMoveReact: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Baby, it's cold outside


Motivation is the first thing to go in the winter months. Who wants to get out of their warm cosy bed and go exercise first thing in the morning or stay out an extra hour in the evening? You could be at home, getting in an extra episode of whatever show it is you’re addicted to right now, or prepping for that next big audition with a hot cuppa.

So how do we hold onto the motivation to keep fit in the cooler months?

Below are some pointers that help me keep the active wear, active!


I love to wake myself up with a great workout. I find it helps me to get prepped and focused, and allows me to handle whatever the day throws at me. Sometimes your great intentions can slide during the day, so when you get it done first thing in the morning, you have got nothing to worry about. So lay that gym gear out the night before, set the alarm, and start the day off right.

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#BreatheMoveReact: Getting Started.

Breathe. Move. ReactThe hardest thing is to start…it’s easy to keep going…

As I write my first blog for you guys, this statement rings so true! I struggled to find an opening because my head is swirling with excitement, ideas, and, let’s be honest, more than a splash of fear.

Sound familiar?

You may feel exactly like this prior to an audition – delighted to have the opportunity, determined to be amazing, and terrified you will mess it up!

The connections and crossovers between acting and fitness are infinite. The benefits of a healthy strong body for an actor are invaluable. Just look at how free and grounded your voice becomes after smashing a workout complete with beautiful deep breaths.

Our bodies are our toolbox and should be treated as essential instruments.

NB: This is not about physical appearance. Yes, when we work out and treat our bodies with love and respect, we can get some pleasing results. What’s crucial though, is the functional aspect; how we as human beings intend to move and what we are capable of doing.

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