It’s Time to Celebrate the Art of Casting with the Casting Directors Association Awards

It’s Time to Celebrate the Art of Casting with the Casting Directors Association Awards

Once again we welcome the Casting Directors Association (CDA) awards with open arms. It’s a wonderful time every year where casting directors are acknowledged for their incredible efforts in all things castings…something we believe should happen more!

This year the Casting Directors Association awards will take place on May 3rd, and the gala evening will be hosted by comedian and writer Shappi Khorsandi. Sitting on the panel of judges this year are Claire Beale (Global Editor in Chief for Campaign); Steve Davies (Chief Executive of APA); Simon Evans (Theatre Director); Robert Glenister (Actor); Andy Levine (Head of Production at Stink Film); Tom Oxley (Photographer); Christine Payne (General Secretary of Equity).

Here we take a look at a few of the nominees and their brilliant work. read more

Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Share The Same Post on All Social Media Platforms

by Lenka Silhanova

Do you post the same content to all of your social media profiles to save time and to get it in front of as many eyes as possible? It’s not serving you as well as you think and let me explain why.

You post a photo on Instagram and then you tick to be shared automatically to Facebook and Twitter. You figure, some people follow you there, some people follow you elsewhere, better keep all your profiles updated. That logic is legit, but what is convenient for you is not always in the best interest for your followers. read more

Interview with award winning director Dan Pringle

Interview with award winning director Dan Pringle

Now who wouldn’t love a story about a son who takes over a kebab shop and violently turns against drunken customers? It has all the makings of a perfect film right? Indeed. Which is why we were desperate to meet up with the director/writer Dan Pringle and find out all about how this debut feature, set in Bournemouth, came to be. Fresh from a London Independent Film Festival win (and long listed for a BIFA nomination for first time screenwriting), Dan is swiftly moving on to lots of other exciting projects at White Lantern Films, his production company that he started with producer Adam Merrified. Here we talk to Dan about all things comedy-horror, film festivals, choosing lead actors and what’s up next.

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Early Days in Short Films

Early Days in Short Films

We were absolutely thrilled to attend a packed out private BFI screening of Early Days just last month in London. And what a fantastic short it is. The story was conceived by director/writer Nessa Wrafter who felt compelled to share what the early days of life, after a little one has arrived, are like. Truthful, touching and poignant, it is about Kate coming home to find her world altered beyond recognition.

Being that we have just celebrated International Women’s Day we were keen to meet the duo behind this short and find out how they came to create such a beautiful short and get so much crowd funding support and love at the same time. Here we talk to director Nessa Wrafter and producer Clancie Brennan.

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Casting Networks Update

Happy New Year!
Pilot season is upon us, which means now is a great time to update your profile! To help you put your best foot forward, we’re happy to announce some new features we released last week:

Product Updates:  

  • Repped Talent accounts now receive their first 2 photos FREE  

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An Interview with Award-Winning Director and Writer Laura Smith

Currently busy in development with a female led body horror and an Edgar Allan Poe adaptation in conjunction with Lunar Lander films’ BFI vision award funded slate, Laura is no stranger to hard work, grinding and getting the work done. Previously Laura directed five short films in the UK, Germany and Australia that were all commissioned by the BFI and Channel 4, amongst others, as well as directing countless episodes of television for some of Britain’s most well known shows like The Cut and Hollyoaks and developing feature films with support from financiers such as Creative Europe and the BFI. She is one busy lady. We sat down with Laura to find out what she is up to now, how she feels about casting actors, and the state of play for female directors in the UK right now – because it is a hot topic right now after all.

THE OUTBACK MOTEL still 10 11 17

Gabrielle Miller in THE OUTBACK MOTEL. Director: Laura Smith


Casting Networks: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about how you got started in the directing world, and how long you’ve been directing? Was it through studying at NFTS or did it start way before you were accepted into the highly prestigious NFTS director course?read more

Why Actors Should Stop Promoting Only Themselves on Social Media

Why Actors Should Stop Promoting Only Themselves on Social Media

By Lenka Silhanova

You may have been told by your agent, manager or by a casting director that you should use social media to promote your career. You’ve read all these “success stories” that actors were cast because they had a lot of followers on social media. So you created profiles and started promoting yourself like you’ve been told to do so… you share your demo reel, tell people to go check out your profiles on casting websites or to visit your own website. But what happens is that nobody’s reacting to anything you share and your follower count is not growing either. That is really frustrating and you wonder “Is this social media thing just a waste of time?”, right? read more

Casting Networks – A Quick Start Guide & FAQs for TV and Theatrical Actors

As many of you know, Casting Networks recently partnered with 20th Century Fox TV and Theatrical to be their exclusive software platform for the casting process.  We have been working as quickly as we can to make the transition as efficient as possible for everyone involved. The onboarding process has been a big undertaking, and we really appreciate your patience through this time.

Important Note

We are aware of the TV and Theatrical actor community’s concerns about having to join and pay for yet another service.  While much of the information that has been circulated is inaccurate, we are working as quickly as possible to make Casting Networks’ free offering for repped actors much more robust.  Effective immediately, we will:

  • Offer an additional free photo for new profiles (2 total)
  • Offer free media hosting to upload video reels and clips during this transition
  • If you have an existing casting networks profile, we are able to copy your resume, media and photos to any new profile, free of charge if it is on the same platform

In the first half of 2018, we will introduce a permanent new free offering that will be the best free offering on the market. This is our promise to you.   read more

Agents & Managers FAQs

Casting Networks – An Update for Agents and Managers

We have been working as quickly as we can to make the 20th Century Fox TV and Feature transition as efficient as possible for everyone involved. The onboarding process has been a big undertaking, and we really appreciate your patience through this time. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, for a more detailed help page, please click here 


1. My actors already have a profile with their Commercial agent, do they now need an additional profile?

2. How do I view my entire roster?

3. Where do I find my company code

4. How do I ensure my talent can add their 2 free photos without being charged?

5. How do I upload resumes?

6. My company is based outside of LA — will I still have access to submit to LA projects?

7. How do I upload my roster?

8. Do I have to enter my clients personal details (email address etc.)?

9. The theatrical casting notices are buried in non-union, background and commercial casting notices, is there anything I can do?

10. There are only a list of preselected headers (Film, Television, Theater) but there is no way to add your own header for something like Awards.

11. Will there be training available?

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