Acting on a Dream

Acting on a Dream

This month we took a moment to get away from the busyness of acting, and instead take our breath away with some dream stuff…specifically, Acting on a Dream. As you’ll learn when you surf through their very inspiring and exciting website, Acting On A Dream is here to make you stop and take a moment to think about what you want, namely your dreams and aspirations. The lovely duo who create the Acting on a Dream magic, April Kelley and Sara Huxley, share with us why they started the project, what it means now, and how aoad has evolved into a community of people who share a belief that anything is possible.

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Theatre Review: Independent Shakespeare Co.

I’m going to tread on some slightly new review ground this month. It’s all for you, the theatre enthusiast, that I enter this experiment. I’ve wanted to review the Independent Shakespeare Co. Griffith Park FREE Shakespeare Festival since I’ve been attending, which is pretty much forever now. But, the dates have never been quite right to review one of their individual shows, so, instead I will highlight the festival as a whole. And if I get you there with picnic basket (or Trader Joe’s bag) in hand, it will be worth it.

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Theatre Review – The Last Breakfast Club: Musical Parody

The Last Breakfast ClubIt’s summer! There’s extra pressure this time of year to get out and have some fun. Luckily in the City of Angles, we have a lot of great entertainment options. One you may want to add to your list is The Last Breakfast Club: Musical Parody at the Rockwell: Table & Stage. Gen Xers and 80’s music enthusiasts, this show is for you.

The show appropriately opens with the familiar R.E.M. song “It’s The End of the World As We Know It” as we find the expected gang of five in weekend detention. All is just as you’d expect, except there’s been a nuclear disaster and they are very likely the last brain, athlete, basket case, princess and criminal on the planet, all holed up in the library. But don’t you worry, Bradely Bredeweg (director, EP, co-writer) and Rockwell veteran Kate Pazakis (EP, artistic director, co-writer) have them all mulling over the same teenage angsty 80‘s issues from the beloved movie as well as a few new topics to add to the mix. Good ‘ole Principal Vernon is there keeping watch, although he is a now a zombie. And Carl the uptight janitor seems to have survived as well. Purists don’t fret, the changes are fun and there are a lot of them, it is The LAST Breakfast Club after all.

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Outdoor Summer Screenings in the UK

Summer is here (finally) and it really is time for us all venture out, leaving the comforts of our living rooms and to share with old and new friends alike what has now become a regular staple in the film events calendar – the outdoor summer screening!

With so many different venues and options to choose from these days, we round up a collection of our favourites across the UK.

Image copyright – Somerset House

Somerset House, London
Perhaps the most well known summer screening series, and the longest running, is Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. This year boasts UK premiers of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power on opening night and this years Palme d’Or winner The Square as well as a whole host of other crowd pleasing classics likes Jaws and Donnie Darko. Full screening dates and timesread more

Seminar Recap: Top 5 Tips From Casting Director Michael Sanford

Our May seminar speaker was the fantastic Michael Sanford. Michael and his wonderful team have worked with many top commercial, television, and film directors, as well as production companies and advertising agencies. Several of these clients have been nominated or have won the Oscar, Emmy, DGA, and various other awards while collaborating with Sanford Casting. In 2006, Michael broadened the company’s vision to include casting projects in the Spanish Language market. In 2010, he launched a feature-length and short film division whose recent credits include A Pebble of Love, A Reason, California Solo, The Artist, I Melt with You, Mosquita y Mari, The Sleepy Man, and Dustland. He shared the 2012 CSA Artios Award with his mentor and fellow casting director Heidi Levitt for their collaboration on The Artist. Additionally, Michael received the 2013 Seymour Heller Award for Commercial Casting Director of the year, which is given by the Talent Managers Association. He is also currently serving on the Diversity Committee with the Casting Society of America.

Here are just a few tips that came out of the seminar.

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Theatre Review: Elevator

A CEO Woman, a Hot Girl, and a Maintenance Man walk into a bar. No, that’s not quite right, and this is not a joke. But the setup does sound like one, doesn’t it? Seven strangers get stuck in an elevator together. No, that’s really, truly the premise of Elevator and it’s currently on stage at Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood. Does it sound familiar to you? It’s possible you saw it at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2010 or at the Macha Theatre after that. But it has been awhile since you’ve had the opportunity and I say there’s no reason not to check it out.

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Casting Networks Meets Signature Pictures

FIGHT Behind the scenes

This week we speak with Sami from Signature Pictures, a London based production company that helps more young, unemployed creatives get real on the job training.

Casting Networks: How was Signature Pictures come into fruition?

Sami Larabi: Signature Pictures was formed in 2012 by our creative director, Jon Max Spatz. He had worked in the camera department on several Harry Potter films, but found himself unemployed afterwards. He went to the Jobcentre and told them that he would like to work in the creative industries, only to be told that there were no relevant opportunities available. Following this, he decided to create a production company that would offer this opportunity for others in similar positions going to the more

Casting Networks Members Manchester Event


Casting Networks will be back at the 3 Minute Theatre, Manchester in June for our next FREE members event in our regular series of Industry Q&A’s.

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JB Shorts: How Do They Do It?

JB 17 - Front Cover

On Tuesday, 16 May, the incredibly successful JB Shorts returns to 53Two and this year Casting Networks are proud to be a sponsor of the 12 night 6 x short play extravaganza! So what exactly are the magic ingredients fed into the mixing pot to able to brew the delicious stew that is JB Shorts?

We spoke with Peter Kerry about what happens behind the scenes of this successful northern series. So . . .

How does the planning process for a season of JB Shorts begin and how does it evolve into the finished plays we, the audience, eagerly look forward to?read more