Moving Back Home & Those Big Old Expectations


Written by Elisa Armstrong.

I’ve been back in Australia – Melbourne to be precise – for over two years now. I first moved to London to study at Drama Centre and ended up staying for five-and-a-half years. The transition back to Australia, and acting in a much smaller industry, has been challenging, but ultimately rewarding, and I am thankful for my time working the hustle in London.

When I left Drama Centre, I was without an agent, but quickly learned which online casting sites to use (and which to stay away from), and found people who were supportive and gratefully passed on contacts. Even when I look back on my London CV, there are so many others I haven’t listed, like rehearsed readings, workshops, and masterclasses. London gets the best of the best people that we can learn from, even though they sometimes come at an elite price.

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