But I’m A Film and TV Actor, Why Do I Need Voice Classes?


Well, maybe you don’t want to be a theatre actor. That’s cool. ***quietly sobs in a corner over how many actors think theatre is dead***

Okay, I accept that. Maybe you don’t need to be heard in an outdoor production of The Tempest in Regent’s Park, but do you want to risk being re-voiced or dubbed in post? Do you want to play more powerful roles? More vulnerable roles? Do you want to be taken more seriously as an actor?

Having a “good voice” isn’t just about volume. It’s about being expressive, emotionally connected to your resonance, and, among other things, being specific with diction.

Actors assume that they are cast purely on looks for their type, but have you thought about your vocal type? Do you want to risk being emotionally disconnected, via your breath? Do you want to be told by the sound guy that they have to reposition your mic or check it constantly? Or worse, do you want them to make a decision to take your mic off and choose a different actor to mic? Not a good sign.

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