Health Uncensored: Tips for Actors to Own Their Lines Like a Boss!


“Where did I put my keys? Has anyone seen my script? Crap, what’s that girls name? She was in my improv class last year. I wish I had someone with me to introduce to ask her name.”

Having a slight lapse in memory is one thing, but forgetting lines that your job relies on is another. The quicker a performer can commit their scene to memory, the better. Keeping our brains quick and sharp is a beneficial tool for acting, and life in general.

There are foods that feed our brains, and others that have the killer combo of taking a parting gift of brain cells and leaving the unwanted gift of fat cells. So what the heck are these foods? Let’s start with the ones that don’t belong on set: refined sugars, white bleached flours, fried foods, artificial sugars, artificial colors, hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, and heavily processed meats. Research shows that saturated fat impairs concentration and increases the risk of dementia. Additionally, a high stress environment, negative emotions, and lack of sleep eats away at our memory too. Take a deep breath with me right now and hit the hay early tonight. And not with your scene partner!

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Health Uncensored: Car Snacks That Book the Role!


Yes! The notification from your agency pops up in your email: you have an audition! The excitement wanes a bit as you realize it’s half a city away at 4pm. While the dread of traffic is normal, my Health Coach brain starts thinking of what snacks I am going to bring for the length of time I’ll be in the car. Performers spend an exorbitant amount of their day on subways or driving to auditions, set, etc. Staying properly fueled to arrive strong and smart—as well as snacking on foods that encourage a calm and centered mind while returning home—makes all the difference.

I’ve got you! Here are my top 7 car snacks that book the role!

1) High fiber fruit

Most people don’t get enough fiber in their diets. How much do we need you ask? Around 25 grams a day. This is an easy way to up that number. Fiber keeps you full longer, lowers cholesterol, protects your heart, assists in weight loss, and keeps the “pipes” clean.

I always grab a green apple because they have the least amount of sugar. No one wants to sugar crash as they walk into the audition room. At almost five grams of fiber, they’re also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus, green apples help with digestion and prevent diarrhea. Don’t act like you’ve never gotten nervous runs. This green bad boy also improves memory—no more “what was my line?” And you can thank Mother Nature for making the crunch of an apple the toothbrush of produce.

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