The Audition Room as a Playground

For lots of actors, especially those just starting out, entering an audition room is a nerve-wracking experience. You spend all that time wishing for your big break, hustling your agent or diligently doing your own detective work to find suitable roles, working hard to get that invitation to audition… and then when the opportunity arises you lose sleep, are a bag of nerves, don’t enjoy the experience and walk out of the audition room wishing you had done a better job.

Overcoming this kind of anxiety can boil down to two main areas – Preparation and Mental Attitude.

In the audition room

Preparing for an audition should occur long before the appointment arrives.In fact, you can start preparing for any audition today, right now, or at least as soon as you finish reading this. The first thing you have to master is learning lines. And the only way you can do this is by… learning lines. Every single day. Without fail. It should be as natural a part of any actors daily routine as brushing teeth or making that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Pick a page or two of dialogue from any script that you can easily download and learn it. Test yourself at lunchtime, test yourself again at dinner time. If you do this every day it won’t take long for your memory muscle to grow big and strong. You’ll relish getting new material to learn and enjoy the challenge to keep your muscle toned. And then when the invitation to audition comes through, learning lines is the least of your worries.

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