How to be a Happier Human

How to be a Happier Human

For the past couple of months, I have been based in Sydney instead my usual base in LA. Spending time in Sydney has largely been a peaceful and happy time for me, time spent in a vastly different environment to LA around my family and old friends has allowed me the break that I needed. Whilst excited to fly back to LA in a few days, I am glad to have had time to reflect on my life and happiness itself, what it means to be happy and what needs to be done to become a happier person.

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5 Questions with Bali Padda

Bali Padda. Photo Credit Kathy Luu

Storytelling has been fundamental to humanity since the beginning of time. In fact, the first printed story dates as far back as 700 B.C when the epic of Gilgamesh, was created and began to spread from Mesopotamia to other parts of Europe and Asia. The story was carved on stone pillars, and quickly spread around for all to see.

Every narrative paves the way to an emotional experience based on the information being communicated. Communication is the key in this ever-changing world, and now, perhaps more than ever it is crucial for every single one of us to give voice to our plot. No matter our race, colour, religion or sexual preference we must all unite, so that the anthology of humanity can continue to grow truthfully, and without prejudice.   read more

5 Questions with Australian Actor Daniel Feuerriegel

Daniel Feuerriegel

Being an actor is a magical journey where every audition, and every meeting showers our existence with the hope we need to execute our dreams. And then, the magic is suddenly gone. Everything in this industry comes in waves. Regardless of ones success it is without a doubt, a roller coaster ride. However, it is during the downtimes when we must maintain a killer work ethic, strategize and above all believe. It is the ability to believe that becomes the ultimate artistry of the wizard and where the true magic resides.

Originally from Brisbane, Australian Daniel Feuerriegel first gained global recognition whilst playing Agron for three seasons on the acclaimed international TV Series Spartacus: War of the Damned, upon completion he landed in LA and hit the ground running, letting each step be dictated by his humble beginnings and warrior more

L.A. Survival Guide: The Art of Dedication

L.A. Survival Guide: The Art of Dedication

When I first moved to LA, I had this great idea. I was going to move to there for just one year and if, after one year, I hadn’t booked anything, I was going to move back to Sydney. After just three weeks of living in LA, I realized it was going to take more than one year. In fact, it could take many years. This realization was quite scary for me. It meant I was leaving Sydney for good and that a lot of the instability and uncertainty of pursuing a career in acting in LA was going to be my whole life. The safety blanket of living of Sydney was gone and I was faced with an arduous road ahead. The journey in understanding the sheer amount of resolute and unwavering dedication required to pursue a career in acting in a city filled with such incredible talent was overwhelming. However, I realized very early on, that in order to survive and succeed in LA, you really had to commit, there was no half in and half out. The past couple of months, I have been in Sydney spending time with my family and this short visit and time spent away from LA has truly allowed me to reflect wholeheartedly on my life there, my career, my commitment to acting and what it really means to be dedicated to something. read more

L.A. Survival Guide: Interview with Mithila Gupta

L.A. Survival Guide: Interview with Mithila Gupta

Mithila Gupta is an Indian-born, Aussie-bred screenwriter that is quickly emerging as one of our best new talents. Her devotion to creating honest, culturally diverse characters in the landscape of Australian film and television, one that has largely been dominated by older, white males has ensured she is not only in demand for her fiery ideas, talents and spirit but that she also a breath of fresh air. read more

5 Questions with Alison McGirr Star of Ladies in Black Directed by Bruce Beresford

Alison McGirr attends the 7th AACTA Awards Presented by Foxtel | Ceremony at The Star on December 6, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Success stories are a source of inspiration. They give us hope and clarity when we need them the most. As actors our lives can change in an instant, one minute we are working long nights behind a bar, the next we are working long nights on set. To the outside world it can look like it all happened over night however, years of preparation, rejection and sacrifice have steered us in the direction of our dreams.

Alison McGirr aka our former Breathe Move React Vlogger and one of my dearest friends recently had her life change “over night’ when the famed Australian director Bruce Beresford personally called her to let he know that she would be playing one of the leads in his next film Ladies in Black alongside Rachael Taylor, Angourie Rice and Julia Ormond. Filmed in and around Sydney at the end of 2017, Alison landed the role from one self tape and the film which, will be distributed by Sony Pictures Worldwide will be released circa late 2018. read more

L.A. Survival Guide: Interview with Patrick James

L.A. Survival Guide: Interview with Patrick James

Patrick James is a triple theatre of a different kind, a producer, content creator and actor best known for playing the acid tongued drag queen and screen siren that is Wilma Bumhurt in the online series sensation The Horizons. Patrick is the kind of dynamic creative that understands that the creation and development of new content is the way forward. Since we first met and became friends many years ago, I have been privileged to watch my friend go from strength to strength creatively, his presence and personality always a source of joy and inspiration in my life and the lives of those around him. Nothing has given me more joy than watching Patricks journey from first being cast as Wilma and his nervous discovery of how to approach playing a drag queen, very unfamiliar territory for Patrick, to now being an activist for the LGBTQI community and an outspoken defender for equality. His role of Wilma has literally taken him all over the world and granted him countless amazing opportunities including the opportunity to present at the Logies and even have his own spin off series, ‘Where’s Wilma?’  read more

5 Questions with USA Casting Director Nicki Katz

Nicki Katz, Casting Director.

The art of storytelling is composed of talented, passionate and hardworking show business aficionados. As artists we live out our days admiring the directors, writers and actors who bring our favourite narratives to life. We are all visionaries and the truly gifted understand the importance of collaboration when bringing a creative vision to life.

At the forefront of this collaboration are casting directors; their job is to work with directors, producers and writers to ensure only the best actors are discovered and hired. It goes without saying that a great casting director not only is a champion team player but also holds a remarkable eye for talent.

With a career in the entertainment industry spanning 10 years, Nicki Katz has cast over 75 Award-Winning commercials, feature films, TV series, and short films, which have screened at festivals around the world. Nicki has had feature films premiere at Sundance film festival, including Sophie and The Rising Sun, and has cast box office hits including Annabelle: Creation. Her indie thriller Excess Flesh premiered at SXSW and was distributed through Midnight Releasing. Nicki has also worked on several Emmy Award-Winning television series, including Transparent, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Training Day. Her national commercial work recently includes McDonalds, Dominos, Hot Wheels, and Toyota more

L.A. Survival Guide: How to Make LA Feel Like Home

“What have you done to make LA feel like home?” – Miranda O’Hare

I remember the first day I landed in LA very clearly, it was mid July and LA summer was in full swing. I had nervously survived the ordeal of going through customs for the first time and having my green card be officially approved. After zero hours of sleep on the plane, having left behind my family, my lovely life in Sydney and my then boyfriend, I was jet-lagged and emotional to say the least.

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Behind the Scenes: An Introduction

Behind the Scenes: An Introduction

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready”
– Eminem (Lose Yourself)

Over the coming months I will be interviewing artists, musicians, directors, writers, cinematographers, actors, set and costume designers, sound mixers and many more. I will be going behind the scenes to discover who and what is really behind the camera and what motivates these creatives to stay at the fray.

Some of the following questions will be asked and developed over time:

How does a performer prepare?

What makes an actor be venerable to an audience of complete strangers?

Are creatives simply addicted to the rush of the applause?read more