#BreatheMoveReact: A Tale of Two Aussies

Celia and Ali at the opening of Get Threaded Beverly Hills

This is my third month in LA and I am definitely still loving the town. It’s vibrant and exciting and constantly abuzz with hope and opportunity. I love it!!! But I am definitely a little homesick, we are so blessed to be able to call Australia our Island home. I miss the beaches, our incredible people, a real beer garden and a proper Pad Thai! I’ve been getting by on the amazing Mexican food, numerous hikes and the folks out here aren’t too bad either read more

L.A. Survival Guide with Tema Staig Head of Women in Media

Tema L. Staig – Head of Women in Media. Photo Credit: Rich Gill

“When you think of a director, you think of a man with a baseball cap on, staring at a monitor. You probably don’t think of a Katherine Bigalow and that’s what needs to change.”

-Tema Staig

Parity is the state of being equal, regardless of status, pay and gender. Parity within the film industry means more women working at all levels, the goal being to have women working from the top down and the bottom up. It means more women on set, behind the camera and in all roles helping to shape and form the narrative landscape of our film and television and the stories we allow into our lives. The value coming not just from a position of fairness and equality but also that of just good story telling from a female perspective.

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L.A. Survival Guide: The Gift of Doubt

‘Are you feeling a bit shaken? Maybe fearful and doubtful and completely, utterly, wildly terrified? Good. Keep going.’

– Victoria Erickson

“There is a place for doubt for it does in fact come with many gifts but there is a greater place for faith” – Miranda O’Hare

A couple of weeks ago I was having coffee with my friend who is also an actor. Discussing life, I asked him, ‘what would you do if you weren’t an actor?’

He replied, ‘I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it.’

Time stood still. The world stopped turning. I forgot to breathe. I’m sorry what? Say that again. You have never thought about it?
What kind of magical utopia must my friend be living in, to have never, EVER, even considered the possibility that he may, at some point need a job other than acting. To have never even contemplated a world in which he could not financially support himself through acting. I was stunned.

Suddenly I began to wonder, am I the only person, specifically actor that regularly doubts acting as a career choice? Am I meant to be brimming with certainty?

I mean, just that very morning, first thing upon opening my eyes, I had found myself mentally listing all the careers I could pursue if I never worked as an actor ever again.

Was I the only person walking around with these thoughts?

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5 Questions with Casting Networks Michael Daly

Actors are born hustlers with their determination reflected in every waking moment. Thankfully, contemporary society has opened up revolutionary avenues for the ambitious actor to reach career objectives at the very fingertips of the aspiring talent.

Technology is a blessing and when utilised correctly can propel ones career to infinite heights. As actors we put much of our faith in online communities like Casting Networks International (CNI) to deliver their own performance as the go-to site for information about the industry including castings, blogs and seminars. At the press of a button actors and agents can submit interactive profiles complete with resumes, media and photos suitable for each respective job. Blogs and free seminars provide members with essential knowledge and networking opportunities.

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#BreatheMoveReact: Banish the Tension

#BreatheMoveReact: Banish the Tension

Tension is the enemy of the actor! The tight jaw, rock hard neck and shoulders, restricted breath, locked knees. Ugh! It makes me feel awful just thinking about it. We are all prone to it though, consciously or subconsciously, and it can seriously diminish our work, slowing us down, restricting our impulses and just feeling plain awful! As actors we must have the body as free as possible, we are a conduit and the thunderous roar of our creativity and art has to be able to flow freely and wholeheartedly.

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“It’s never tutu late!” Theatre Angel: 5 Top Tips with Royal Ballet prodigy Karis Scarlette

“It’s never tutu late!” Theatre Angel: 5 Top Tips with Royal Ballet prodigy Karis Scarlette

At the age of two, Karis Scarlette had begun ballet classes. By six, she was handpicked to be taught by The Royal Ballet Company at The Royal Opera House’s Chance to Dance Program. At age seven, Karis was a Royal Ballet Junior Associate, quickly progressing to The Royal Ballet School. In her first major performance, The Royal Ballet Company’s Tales of Beatrix Potter choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton, she danced the role of a baby mouse at the age of just 9.

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L.A. Survival Guide with Jackie Diamond

Cast of Ruben Guthrie at ATC

The theatre is the oldest form of story telling, predating even writing and has always held an important kind of currency in the world. The theatre encourages and allows society to fully examine what it means to be human, acting as a kind of mirror to society and ourselves.

David Mamet said “the theatre is where people go to hear the truth.”

In our current political and global climate, the role of theatre, storytelling and ‘the truth’ is perhaps more important and necessary now than ever before.

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#BreatheMoveReact: Strong Mind Strong Body

So this month, I have been in LA. Its been a blast, I love this town. I feel like the air is full of hope and opportunity (if you’re willing to work for it!) I adore the fact that I can walk ten minutes to Runyon Canyon and go for an early morning hike or in spin class I’m seated behind a well-known actor who’s gasping as much as I am.

Every corner seems to have had a role in something. I even love the shrill of the constant sirens. The buzz is electric and intoxicating. On the flip side, it is a big town and it can be terribly lonely, I am so blessed to have some wonderful friends here but there have still been moments where I find myself asking ‘WTF am I doing here?’

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5 Questions with Curly Fernandez

5 Questions with Curly Fernandez

The world is evolving. Machines are supplementing humanity, “ILY” is now an acronym for “I love you,” and life’s superficies defy authenticity. However, despite reality TV shows and matchmaking sites there will always be an indisputable characteristic no amount of branding can define.

Imagination is timeless. From enchanting fairytales to the midst of a Mancini overture, the fragility of life is poignantly reflected in storytelling. The artist who continues to take creative risks fuels our vision and is crucial in shaping the landscape of society.

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