#BreatheMoveReact: Trailer Tension

Hey Folks,

This month I wanna chat about Trailer Tension!

You’re on a job, a big job that you’ve dreamt of, and worked your butt off to get. You’ve done all your work, your prep, got your hair and make up done, you’re just waiting to get costumed, hanging in your trailer when ‘bang’ all of a sudden, you are completely paralyzed! Doubtful and terrified, wondering how the hell you got there, querying if the director (who up until now you thought was brilliant!) is insane because he cast you and now you’re sourcing the nearest escape route!

WHAT DO I DO??!!! My usual solution of throwing on the trainers, getting my heart pounding and endorphins flowing is not gonna work because I’m wanted on set in 30 minutes and the make up team are not gonna be happy if you sweat off the hour of hard work just because you’re nervous!


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Theatre Angel: 5 Top Tips with Director Faran Martin


“Casting is the biggest job, because once you get down to it, it has to be an equal exchange. Casting has to be about so many things: Do they understand the character’s life? Do they understand the language, the environment, the relationships? Do they understand me when I ask a question or offer a direction? Are they intrigued by my offers or defensive towards them?” 

– Faran Martin 

During our time speaking with the many talented creatives like you who make up the Casting Networks world the same feedback emerges time and time again: Commitment. Collaboration. Community. Creativity.

From LA casting offices to West End costume departments, we hear praise and passion for artists who are “a joy to work with”, with “humility and kindness”, artists who are motivated, expansive, driven by curiosity and craft.

“I learned very quickly when I started directing that of course I was itching to find out about the characters from the inside, but I had to detach my ego from the process. I had to be as open as I wished the actors to be, and be curious about each person’s process.”

Faran Martin is driven by this commitment to curiosity, exploring cross-contextual play through her stage-work.

“It’s made me more aware as an actor of how exciting it is for a director when an actor is willing to be playful.”


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#BreatheMoveReact: Stretch for the Sky!

This month Ali shares tips on how to stay healthy and glowing whilst travelling.

Hey Folks,

It’s a quick one this month with soooo much going on. I booked a job that saw me fly home, get off the plane and go straight to studio. Fourteen hours on a plane does not make for a very present Ali on the day of arrival but, alas, it had to be.


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5 Questions: How do you Nurture Your Talent?

As I write this it is Monday October 2nd and I spent the past week nursing possibly the WORST head cold borderline flu I have ever had (it is a good thing I am not dramatic right?) Today, I awake to the news that 59 people are dead and more than 500 people injured because of a senseless gun crime in Vegas. I sob, I yell, I blame, I argue, I talk to my best friend in France and we sob some more. My flu complaints are beyond trivial now with my heart and all hearts weeping for the victims, their loved ones, and all humanity as we are reminded yet again of the fragility of life.read more

L.A. Survival Guide with Jason Stojanovski

Jason Stojanovski

Diversity in casting simply means that our screens reflect the true diversity of our world. This ensures we are engaging with content showcasing authentic portrayals of our daily lives. According to a recent US census, disabled people make up 19% of the population meaning nearly 1 in every 5 Americans live with a disability. That is an alarming statistic, especially when you stop to consider whether these numbers are being accurately reflected on our screens.


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Theatre Angel: 5 Top Tips with Short+Sweet Founder Mark Cleary

Theatre Angel: 5 Top Tips with Short+Sweet Founder Mark Cleary

“Casting all actors and directors: This is the month to make it Short+Sweet.”

The curtains may have just closed on the 2017 Melbourne Fringe but don’t despair, October still holds plenty of delights for the theatrically unsatiated.

Aside from the larger main stage events for the theatre-going, this independent production ‘shoulder season’ between the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe is a great time to incubate new projects and get back amongst the industry for some ‘connecting’ (the warmer and more mutually-beneficial version of the somewhat grubbier, graspier, and frankly a tad 1980’s cheap suit-sounding ‘networking’).

Connectivity is the lifeline of the industry, where we as artists, casting professionals and all industry talent can create a vibrant hub of collaboration. But how best exactly to get amongst it?

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Theatre Angel: From Stage to Screen—5 Top Tips for Serving Joy

“Theatre is a huge part of my experience … Having connections with so many veteran actors in the industry certainly helped the casting process.” – Martin Sharpe
 “I truly believe that theatre opens many doors. It is the gateway for any actor, director or even producer to understand the craft and work ethic required to achieve any form of success in our industry. “
– Ivan Bradara

Scene from ‘Serving Joy’, featuring a theatrically star-studded cast of some of Australia’s premier talent

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5 Questions with Damian Sommerlad and Holly Brisley

The cast of Life of the Party at the Brisbane Premiere: Damian Sommerlad, Georgia Chara, Director Michael Budd, Holly Brisley and Greg Eccleston

Friendships and carefree fun are just some of the things we associate with youth. Long Summer nights, partying till dawn and road trips into the unknown all play a part in the prelude of our lives. When we are young, time seems to move rapidly yet it is as though a day never passes. Then the inevitable sound of routine and responsibility sealed with a two drink minimum rears its distinctive head. There is no turning back and sadly, no amount of Aspirin can save us.

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#BreatheMoveReact: A Tale of Two Aussies

Celia and Ali at the opening of Get Threaded Beverly Hills

This is my third month in LA and I am definitely still loving the town. It’s vibrant and exciting and constantly abuzz with hope and opportunity. I love it!!! But I am definitely a little homesick, we are so blessed to be able to call Australia our Island home. I miss the beaches, our incredible people, a real beer garden and a proper Pad Thai! I’ve been getting by on the amazing Mexican food, numerous hikes and the folks out here aren’t too bad either read more

L.A. Survival Guide with Tema Staig Head of Women in Media

Tema L. Staig – Head of Women in Media. Photo Credit: Rich Gill

“When you think of a director, you think of a man with a baseball cap on, staring at a monitor. You probably don’t think of a Katherine Bigalow and that’s what needs to change.”

-Tema Staig

Parity is the state of being equal, regardless of status, pay and gender. Parity within the film industry means more women working at all levels, the goal being to have women working from the top down and the bottom up. It means more women on set, behind the camera and in all roles helping to shape and form the narrative landscape of our film and television and the stories we allow into our lives. The value coming not just from a position of fairness and equality but also that of just good story telling from a female perspective.

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