Updates to Worksheet / Scheduler – United States – November 2016


  • Unread chat messages are now indicated by a red dot instead of a yellow star.
  • If a publicly submitted talent leaves a note, the chat icon will now appear as an envelope icon. (Represented talent still appear with the chat bubble icon.)
    When you click on the envelope icon, the information for the talent, their audition and their note appear in a modal. From that modal you can email them to respond to their note just as you would from submissions.
  • Publicly submitted talent also now have an “Email Talent” link beneath their PUBLIC indicator on the Worksheet. This opens a modal to email the talent just as you would from submissions.

Bug Fixes and Feature Requests – United States – Sept 2016

Casting Directors:

Zip Code Searches: When searching within a radius of a zip code that begins with “0”, accurate results will now be returned.

Archived Projects: When projects are archived, the attached sides and documents are no longer deleted.

Sessions: We have made a number of updates to our Edit Session and Edit Group pages as follows:

  1. The group timestamps on the Edit Session page now display the timestamp in the time zone the user’s system is set to.
  2. The Update Order button has been removed. Instead, when a change is made to a group order field the validation fires off once you hit Enter or click outside the field.
  3. In the Change Video, Change Audio and Add Photos modals the Browse button now reads “Click Here to Select a File”.
  4. The new file size limit for videos uploaded via Change Video is now 600 MB instead of 300 MB.
  5. When adding talent on the Edit Group page, you are now prevented from adding duplicate talent to the group.
  6. When importing media from a talent’s profile on the Edit Group page, the Import Video modal is now scrollable.

Classic Presentation View Updates:

  1. We have replaced the Quicktime plugin with an html5 player. Because of this, the Quicktime options on the Video Settings menu have also been changed to html5.
  2. We removed the WMV option as well as the Low Quality options from the Video Settings menu.
  3. We also removed the WMV option from the Download options menu.

New Presentation View Updates:

  1. We removed the Low Quality option from the Video Settings menu.
  2. We also removed the WMV option and the Low Quality option from the Download options menu.

Casting Networks Downloader – United States – July 2016

Casting Networks Downloader: We have developed a new feature, Casting Networks Downloader, which will download all session media from a client link to a folder onto a permitted user’s computer. The Downloader is a separate application that will have to be installed on your computer for use. Once you have the application installed, when you wish to download a session from a client link the Downloader will automatically launch.

New Presentation View: When a permitted user prints a session log from a New Presentation View client link, the Agency Short Code for each talent profile now appears on the report. Talent without agency representation will always display “PUBLIC” as their short code.

Classic Presentation View: On our classic presentation view, we have replaced the Quicktime plugin with the HTML5 player.

Bug Fixes and Feature Requests – United States – June 2016

Casting Directors:

– Emailing Project to Casting Billboard: We made updates to the Email Project modal when sending a project to the Casting Billboard. If there are no new roles to send out, the Send to Casting Billboard “Yes” checkbox now defaults to being unchecked as will all of the roles. Also, if the selected Remove from Casting Billboard date has passed you will not be able to send your roles to the Casting Billboard.

– Worksheet: We updated the schedule links on the worksheet so you are now taken to the exact time slot you select.

– Schedules: Schedules now maintain the previous setting you selected on the Available Talent section after you refresh the page or navigate away and come back.


– Sides: When you download sides from a project, they are now downloaded as the name the Casting Director chose for them.


– Request Media Instructions: When a Casting Director requests media with your submission, you no longer have to go to the Submit page to see what is required. The instructions for requested media now display on the Project Information page.

– Audition Tickets: When applicable, audition tickets now include the Callback and Shoot/Performance Note sections.

– Text Messages: When you receive a text message from a Casting Director the name of the project is now clearly included in the message as follows: “RE: [Project Name] MSG: [Text entered by CD].”