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The battle is never between you and your fellow actors

It’s between you and the uninvited critic that lives in your mind.

QUESTIONS: Every time I leave an audition, I tend to criticize my performance and my fellow actors all the way home! I am not this mean to my worse enemy! How can I make auditioning not such a battle?

ACTORS: I don’t know of any actor that has left an audition room and not driven home with the uninvited critic buckled into their passenger seat!

I could have done better, I cried at home, why couldn’t I cry in that room? I knew I would forget that line! I can’t believe I asked if I could start over and over and over the critic in your mind torments your driving record all the way home!

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Questions & Actors: Don’t Fear it, Just Go For It!

Questions & Actors: Don’t Fear it, Just Go For It!


Your fear can be the answer to why you are here.

What is it that makes one person go for it and another just talk about it?

Honestly, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. When I go for it I do it full force, and when I talk about it, well, I tend to do that full force too! After a while, I get tired of hearing myself talk about it and I am sure all the people who have had to listen to me are just as exhausted as I am!

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Questions & Actors: Write Your Own Role

April Audia

If you want to win an award, write your own role!

Don’t wait for something to happen for you, make something happen for you.

Actors, how many of you are waiting around for that perfect role or, for that matter, that one audition that will give you the role of a lifetime?

WHAT IF instead of waiting for something to happen to you, you make something happen for you? Write your own role, win an award, and create your own destiny.

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Questions & Actors: There Is Nobody Like You

What other people think of me is none of my business. – t
he beloved Wayne Dyer

QUESTION: I’m never really confident walking into an audition because I really have no idea what the casting director is looking for, so I think I try too hard because I am not booking or getting callbacks.

ACTORS: If you don’t know who’s walking in the room, the casting director will definitely not know.

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Questions & Actors: Being Famous Is Not the Answer


QUESTION: My son wants to be a fireman, but also tells me he wants to be rich and famous, so now he wants to act. Shouldn’t I encourage him to be a fireman, not an actor?

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see that it’s not the answer. – Jim Carrey

ACTORS: I love Jim Carrey—not only is he an amazing actor, but he’s one of my secret actor crushes, along with Dick Van Dyke! I guess I love funny. Though his quote has humor in it, much truth lies underneath his words.

When I taught on-camera commercial TV workshops, I would ask the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up and I heard fireman, doctor, lawyer, marine biologist, president, etc., but interestingly enough I very seldom heard actor. So when I asked why were they taking this class, the common answer was I want to be rich and famous, as if rich and famous was an occupation.

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Questions & Actors: How Can I Tell If My Kid Really Wants to Act?


QUESTION: How can you tell if your kid really wants to act or is just going through a phase?

ACTOR: That’s a question I hear from parents all the time, so I spoke with my dear friend, acting coach, speaker, and acclaimed actor, Mike Kimmel, to get some insight into child actors and their childhood dreams. Mike is the author of two scene books geared toward younger actors, Scenes for Teens and Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens.

Karen Ann Pavlick: Congrats on releasing your second scene book. What made you want to write the first book, Scenes for Teens?

MIKE KIMMEL: I decided to write a scene book for teens when I couldn’t find anything out there I liked. The scenes were either too short, so I would have to add on, or they were filled with bad language. Parents are able to work with their child without covering words up or explaining things they don’t want to explain at this time. I think that has contributed to its success.

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Questions & Actors: Staying Humble


QUESTION: My daughter loves to act and I want to encourage her, but I also would love for her to stay humble; is that even possible in the world of acting?

ACTOR: Not only is this possible in the world of acting, but also in a world that is often tainted with big egos and a “me generation.” It does start with “Me”—not the Me that wants everything for me, me, me, but the one that wants to give everything away in spite of Me—for what we give, we get.

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. – C.S Lewis

I absolutely love this quote and feel that especially with where our world is today, humility is a lost art. Yet I stay hopeful, for all good things come to those who are humble. I’ve witnessed it in my everyday life and on reality shows like The Voice, American Idol, and even The Bachelor. Humility wins over ego every time, hands down!

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Questions & Actors: Four Agreements for Actors

The Four Agreements For Actors

“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Four AgreementsAs I was thinking about this past year, I found as actors we all deep down have one common goal: to make beautiful art. Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, came to mind and I felt compelled to share as a beautiful way to start off the new year. By following these simple, yet not so simple, agreements, your life as you know it will transform, you will no longer feel stuck, make excuses or complain; you will live the life of an artist.


For me, this has been so powerful, not only in how I live life, but how I live the life of an actress. LISTEN to what you are saying and what you are hearing. We truly speak things into existence! Don Miguel Ruiz states that being impeccable is not going against yourself, you don’t blame or judge yourself for anything, and this goes for auditions! We don’t criticize and we don’t gossip! We do our best, we prepare, we get to the audition on time and walk into that room with confidence that we are what they are looking for, and if not, than it wasn’t meant to be . . . this time.

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Questions & Actors: Self-Sabotaging Your Auditions

Wrench in the works

QUESTION: How do you not self-sabotage your own auditions? I always feel like I do a better performance en route to the audition than I did at the audition, self-critiquing my performance all the way home!

ACTORS: This may be one of the hardest challenges to overcome, at least it has been for me. There have been times when I truly felt I did an Academy worthy performance en route to the audition, real tears and all, and on the way home, felt worthless for not getting even close to my car version!

If you haven’t read my blog, “Desperation Caught on Tape,” check it out: What you bring to the table depends on what you are hungry for; If you are starving for attention and recognition, guess what, that’s caught on tape, if you are full of love and light with an appetite for life, well, that’s what shines through.”

I had a friend who was a regular on the TV show Baywatch. She was beautiful, could act, was married and had a brand new baby. I believed she had it all… but she didn’t, because if she did she wouldn’t have sabotaged every audition by telling herself before she stepped foot into that audition room, that she wasn’t going to get a callback, as if preparing herself in advance, so she wouldn’t have to face the truth later. Guess what, she got exactly what she believed she was getting… no callback.

I believe we sabotage so much in life that doesn’t feel comfortable to us on the outside, simply because we are not comfortable inside with who we are and why we are here; whether that be a relationship, job or an audition. Just look at the media, they’d rather shine a light on darkness, highlighting all what’s wrong with society and relationships than put a spotlight on the good that gives one hope and inspiration.

When you walk into that casting room the casting director is rooting for you, the real you, that’s why you often hear, “be real,” they don’t want to see the striped down insecure, fearful version of you.

How you walk into an audition makes all the difference in the world. One of my all time favorite auditions caught on tape is Rachel McAdams reading with Ryan Gosling for The Notebook.

Yes, she is adorable, but she is also real and confident; not at all showing her hunger to get the part.

Even is she was nervous on the outside, which I can’t imagine she wasn’t, inside she had the strength to trust all of her hard work would pay off and it surely did… the rest is history. Bravo Rachel McAdams!

We have no idea going in what the producers or writers are really looking for, so why not believe they are looking for you? I don’t believe in playing it safe, that’s what the majority do; take a chance, a calculated risk to be different, instead of trying to figure out what you think they want? That’s a waste of time, use your time to prepare wisely.

Then on your drive home, instead of self-sabotaging, self-indulge! Buy a chocolate shake or a brand new pair of shoes, or walk along the beach, knowing you came from a place of truth and authenticity not a place of trying to get somewhere, like crying a bucket of tears.

What you will bring to the table, especially this Thanksgiving, will be conversations filled with love and peace, an appetite for life with plenty of left over gratitude!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Karen Ann Pavlick started her career as an NFL CHEERLEADER for the Raiders. This led to an acting career and her first film, Patch Adams, with the beloved Robin Williams, and directed by her favorite, Tom Shadyac. With over 75 national TV Commercials, appearances on The Bold & The Beautiful and General Hospital, reality show appearances, Show Host for the Home Shopping Network (HSN), Karen has experienced many sides of the industry. In addition, she was honored with the title “Distinguished Filmmaker,” by the Melbourne Independent Film Festival, after both her short films, under her production company Hollywood Ending Films, won “Best Film.” Karen feels blessed for the opportunities that continue to come her way and grow her.

Most recently, Karen wrote a self-help book to assist women of all ages in healing their childhood hearts. She looks forward to securing publishing and speaking engagements.

Questions & Actors: How Do Actors Memorize for Rapid Shooting Schedules



At first, learning to “trigger” a script instead of memorizing it can feel like you’re falling off a cliff!

Yet, the freedom that comes with not knowing where you will land, 

Is not only exhilarating, but, what I believe every actor strives for,

To live in the moment.

QUESTION: How do seasoned actors memorize pages of dialog for rapid shooting schedules?

ACTORS: I touched a bit on this in my last blog and would love to elaborate more on the difference between memorizing vs. triggering a script; one clutters your mind with words to say and the other opens your mind with words to respond. Big difference! At least, it has been for me.

Over the years, I have met many actors who’ve claimed to have photographic memory, where they can SEE entire pages of dialogue in their mind, and other actors who are scared out of their mind because they can’t see how they’re going to memorize one page, let alone an entire script of dialogue!

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