Questions & Actors: How Do Actors Memorize for Rapid Shooting Schedules



At first, learning to “trigger” a script instead of memorizing it can feel like you’re falling off a cliff!

Yet, the freedom that comes with not knowing where you will land, 

Is not only exhilarating, but, what I believe every actor strives for,

To live in the moment.

QUESTION: How do seasoned actors memorize pages of dialog for rapid shooting schedules?

ACTORS: I touched a bit on this in my last blog and would love to elaborate more on the difference between memorizing vs. triggering a script; one clutters your mind with words to say and the other opens your mind with words to respond. Big difference! At least, it has been for me.

Over the years, I have met many actors who’ve claimed to have photographic memory, where they can SEE entire pages of dialogue in their mind, and other actors who are scared out of their mind because they can’t see how they’re going to memorize one page, let alone an entire script of dialogue!

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Questions & Actors: Keeping Character In Order When Filming Scenes Out of Order


If you don’t have any order with who you are and why you are here, it will feel all out of order, this I know for sure!

QUESTION: When filming a large film, how do you keep character when the scenes film all out of order? – @KarenRoberge

ACTORS: Great Question! Sounds like chaos, and can be if your character is not in order! Have you ever watched a film and when the ending came, it felt like the “characters” just met? Well, most likely they just did and the ending was the first day of filming. So, how do you keep your character IN order when you’re filming OUT of order? Simple, but not always so simple: stay true to who you are and why you are here, while having an overall intention, will guide you to what you hope will take place in each particular scene. 

My very first feature film was with the beloved Robin Williams in PATCH ADAMS. Can I say I was just as excited as I was nervous when I heard, “You booked the role of Peter Coyote’s Wife!” Yikes!

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Questions & Actors: The Art Of Meditation


Question: What skill can we cultivate in real life that helps us out on set or in rehearsal?

Actors: The one skill that has not only changed my life, but my craft, is without a doubt the art of meditation. I became aware that it’s not about having a life outside of acting, but having a life that includes acting.

I will never forget my very first agent interview in Los Angeles. I was sitting with a potential agent talking all about my acting when out of the blue the agent asked this question, which has never left me, “What else do you like besides acting? Because it will be those skills, those passions, that keep you fresh and exciting. It’s so important to have a life because that life is your acting.”

I have to be honest, that question threw me off. I had just moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to act, and all I heard was I had to eat, breathe, and drink acting; I can’t count how many times I heard that. As I sat there, it felt like I had put my “life” on hold so I could act,  instead of creating a life that included acting.

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Questions & Actors: Why Does Getting An Audition Feel As Hard As Winning the Lottery?



QUESTION: Why is it more challenging to get an audition these days? When I first started out in SF, it was different. You needed a headshot, resume and an agent and I thought that was challenging, but I was auditioning all the time. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem you need to be an actor nor have an agent to get an audition, it’s a whole new kind of challenge, and now getting an audition feels like winning the lottery!

ACTOR: That’s funny, yet I’m in agreement! I’ve been down this road many times and walking into this past audition, once again, confirmed I won the lottery when I read this congratulation sign posted on the casting director’s wall.

The reason I believe it feels more challenging is because the market has been opened to everyone and anyone.

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Questions & Actors: Young Actors – Don’t Get Scammed!


QUESTION: My daughter is nine and was approached by a woman at the mall who said she could help her get into acting, that she had the look and a great smile, but they wanted her to use their photographer and take their classes and it was very expensive. What’s your advice? From a very concerned mother who now has a very excited daughter!

ACTOR: My biggest advice to parents is DON’T PAY TO PLAY. Yes, you do have to eventually pay for great headshots and acting classes, however, be aware of companies approaching you in the mall or anywhere. I have heard this story over and over again. Even after I have given my two cents, I have had parents come back and say they wish they would have listened, now that they were out thousands of dollars. It saddens me to this day, that there are companies that hire excellent sales people to convince young adults that they have what it takes, when all along the company has one mission: to get you in their door, so you can be sold. I only know this to be true, because I was asked to do this at a modeling agency and I left in a sprint! Honestly, I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

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Questions & Actors: Branded Content


QUESTION: I submitted myself for and booked a job that I thought was merely an online skit, but turned out to be branded entertainment. Which of my agents get the commission: theatrical or commercial?

ACTOR: Great question! First, lets look at how Wikipedia defines branded entertainment: Also known as branded content or advertisement, “branded entertainment” is an entertainment-based vehicle that is funded by, and complementary to, a brand’s marketing strategy.

More and more when I am watching a movie or TV show, I see actors holding or drinking a certain brand, and it’s very obvious that Apple or Coke or some other product is using this vehicle to advertise to million of viewers. When I’ve worked on a commercial, I’m usually selling the brand in a 15, 30, or 60 second spot.

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Photoshopping and Unrealistic Beauty Standards



Kate Winslet has taken a stand against unrealistic beauty recently signing a contract with L’Oreal which included a “no photoshopping clause.” When I first read about this, I thought, “Finally. Thank you Kate!”

I am a big advocate when it comes to natural beauty. Personally, I don’t believe in botox or re-creating my face because of a line or two. I believe in the natural; meditation, juicing, facials, exercising, a good glass of wine, hanging around like-minds, and speaking positive things to my cells! Yes, strange as this may sound, our cells LISTEN and do what we ask them to do, so I thank them everyday for making me wiser and keeping me youthful, happy, and healthy. I don’t believe people are even aware of what they are speaking out loud into existence. Which confirms where we are heading as a society, now that we can slim down, tan and make our teeth whiter with just an more

Remembering Al LoCasale of the Raiders

Remembering Al LoCasale; the man behind the Raiderettes

It takes just one person to say something to change your life, just one person to cheer you on to the finish line, just one “I love you” to get to “I do,” just one number to be called out in a room filled with hundreds of other hopefuls turning a dream into a reality.

It was three in the morning when I heard my number announced…I can still remember how I felt, it was such a surreal moment, a dream come true, I just joined “Football’s Most Fabulous Females!” I was an Oakland Raiderette! Only eleven rookies became NFL Cheerleaders for the Oakland Raiders that year and I was one of them and I have Al LoCasale to thank for believing in me at just nineteen.

His recent passing made me reflect on this man who was loved by so many Raiderettes. I feel blessed I celebrated his 80th birthday just two years ago. He was a big influence in my life; his heart always more

Remembering Self-Help Author Dr. Wayne Dyer


Heaven on earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.

wayne dyer

My reality is often not like many others; I’m not a fan of society’s way of thinking, which is the majority buying into the same thought system, without seemingly questioning it?

A Belief System is nothing more than a thought you’ve thought over and over again. 

At first glance, this world doesn’t seem to offer much to cheer for…however…

If you change the way you looked at things, the things you look at change. 

Pointing my finger at someone, I’ve learned, doesn’t change my situation even if the face of the man changes.

All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, it will not change you. 

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