Tip of The Month

Always Keep Hardcopy Headshots with You

Even though the casting process has primarily moved online, you should always keep hard copy headshots and resumes with you in your car just in case. You never know if the casting director will request them and you want to always be prepared!

Tip of The Month

What happens after I submit?

If you’re new to the site or still waiting for your first audition you may wonder “What happens after I submit to this job?”.

After you submit, the casting director will see your headshot along with the other actors that were submitted to that role. If you’re scheduled for an audition you will receive an email (and sometimes a text message) alerting you of the new audition.

After logging into your account you’ll see a new alert on the dashboard. There you will find all the details for the audition including the date, time and location. You have the option to Confirm, Decline, or Reschedule the audition and have the ability to leave a short note for the casting director.

If your availability changes make sure to update your confirmation on this page so the casting director will see it when they view the schedule.

Tip of the Month

Just changed or got a new agency? Get a free photo!

If you just changed your agency or got a new one, you get a free photo for your profile. Just email it to photos@castingnetworks.com with your name mentioning that you just changed your agency. Also, let us know where in the lineup that you want your new photo to go!

Tip of The Month

Add Extras Photos to Your Profile for Free

What Are Extras Photos?
extras_headshot_copyBackground actors can have two Extras Photos on their Casting Networks profile for free, one close-up headshot and one 3/4 shot (from head to knees). And now you can email them directly to us.

When Extras Casting Directors evaluate actors for background work, they want to see exactly what each actor looks like in real life, which is why Extras Photos need to be completely natural.

How to Take Your Own Extras Photos

In order for us to add Extras Photos to your profile, please make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Use the highest quality settings for color photos on your camera
  • Take photos with a clean, white background and proper lighting
  • Avoid direct sunlight and windows behind or next to you
  • Make sure to keep your pose and smile completely natural
  • Pull your hair forward to show the full length
  • No hats, sunglasses, costumes, bulky clothing or nudity
  • One close-up headshot and one 3/4 shot (from head to knees)read more

Tip of The Month

When uploading a video to your Media Bin you can designate a start and stop time to trim the clip to a desired segment. This is useful when trying to exclude a scene or when breaking a longer clip into pieces. Multiple clips can be attached to a single credit on your resume, utilize this feature when uploading a clip longer than four minutes.

Tip of the Month

Are your sizes up-to-date?

Did you change your hair recently? Lose a few pounds? You look awesome! But…did you update your Casting Networks profile to reflect the new you? Casting directors rely on up-to-date sizes and attributes when selecting talent for auditions and booking jobs. In fact, inaccurate/missing sizes is one of casting’s biggest pet peeves! Some commercial auditions, particularly for department stores & clothing brands, can be extremely particular when it comes to sizes. If you’ve gone down a dress size and failed to update your information, you’re not only wasting the casting director’s time, you’re making both yourself and the casting director look bad to his/her clients.read more