Tip of the Month

Play it safe!

Just a reminder that we at Casting Networks will never solicit photos or personal information from you via our social networks, unless it is in direct response to a query that we receive from you. Online responses you would receive will only come from the official Casting Networks Facebook or Twitter pages.

Tip of the Month

Keep Your Profile Updated: More Chances for Work!

Did you know that our Casting Directors can search Casting Networks for talent with a particular shoe size? Or hair color? Or nationality? Or skill?
It’s true! And the more complete your profile is, the more Casting Director’s results you’ll show up in… which means more chances for work!

To complete or update your information:

  • log-in to your Casting Networks account
  • click on “Profile” at the top of the screen

From there, review all the information you’ve entered on each page, and click the “Save & Continue” button at the bottom.

Keeping your profile as complete and true as possible, shows the honesty and dedication you have to your craft!

Tip of The Month

submissionBe seen!

When you have a clip or a reel attached to your resume, it goes with every submission. There is an icon next to your photo’s thumbnail that indicates to the Casting Director that you have media.

Tip of the Month

New Agent? New Headshot!

Did you know when you change your agency or add a new one you get a free photo for your Casting Networks profile! If you’ve signed with a new agency email us with the name of your new agency and if you are removing a current one, and we’ll send you all the details!

LACasting.com : change@castingnetworks.com

SFCasting.com : sfchange@castingnetworks.com

CastingNetworks.com : nychange@castingnetworks.com

Tip of The Month

Do your research

There are countless online services, classes, and workshops available to actors. With more and more of these resources surfacing every day, it is more important than ever to research their credibility and value to you as an actor BEFORE signing up for them. In addition to applying common sense it’s wise to ask around for recommendations, research the credentials of those offering the service, and evaluate the worth of what you are getting for your hard-earned money.Some of these services can be an invaluable springboard for your career but beware of the ones that sound too good to be true- because they just might be.

Tip of the Month

Linking Profiles

If you have more than one profile on Casting Networks, you may Link them together to create a personalized Home Page!  By Linking your profiles you are able to log-in with one username and password, and access all of your LA Casting profiles.

How to Link your profiles :

-Log in to your Account and go to My Profiles (located under your Frequent Tasks box) and click Link Profile. From there, enter the username and password of the profile you want to link and click Link.
Agents have their own individual talent profiles for each of the talent they represent.  If you receive an Audition Notice from your Agent, be sure you are logging into the profile that that Agent uses.  You can contact your agent or Casting Networks to obtain the username and password for your represented account(s).

Tip of the Month

Adding an Agency or Changing your Existing One

2014. It’s the new year and you likely have new goals and new projects you are working on. If you find yourself with new representation you’ll want to have them added to your Casting Networks profile as soon as possible.

To do this, send us a quick email with your name and the name of your new agency. We’ll add them to your profile and send you a confirmation back. You also receive a free photo upload when adding or changing your representation and all of the details will be included in our reply.

You should send your agency change request email to:

Los Angeles – change@castingnetworks.com

San Francisco – sfchange@castingnetworks.com

New York/rest of the country – nychange@castingnetworks.com

Tip of the Month

Finding the answer online

When you have a question about your Casting Networks profile, check on-line for help first! Watching a tutorial or viewing step-by-step instructions could prove to be the answer you need! When logged in to your Casting Networks profile, click on “Video Tutorials” and “FAQ” to get help on questions like how to change Agency representation in the system, why you should register for a personal account with Casting Networks, how to retrieve login information, etc.