Theatre Angel: 5 Top Casting Tips with Emily Jenkinson

“Casting is a non-stop job. Offices don’t close for lunch, in fact, that’s when you catch up on admin. If you’re not at the theatre, you’re still at work at 8 or 9pm most nights. Despite this, it’s wonderful to be a part of a production at such an early stage that millions of people may see and interesting to see how different a show may have been if a different actor had taken the role.”

Emily Jenkinson has worked as a freelance casting assistant for some of London’s most busiest and dynamic casting offices.

Her first break came from Shaheen Baig (Peaky Blinders, Lady MacBeth, God’s Own Country). “Given that the website features pictures of the casting directors as children, I sent in an application saying “attached is my CV and a picture of myself as a small child.” It must have been memorable enough for them take a chance on me a few months later!”read more

5 Questions with Jess Loudon

Jessica Loudon

“Basically, the actor’s job is to be the ultimate detective, collect all the pieces of the puzzle and put it together to create a fully formed, nuanced, believable character.” – Jess Loudon

Generosity of spirit is crucial in this industry. Whilst it is important to keep things close to our heart it is equally important to share our passion and combine knowledge and talent amongst our community. In short, what you give, you get back.

Jess Loudon is an abundance of generosity. From the moment she walks into a room you instantly feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders into oblivion. The first time I met Jess was when I was auditioning her for a role, with a big smile, and a voice showered in enthusiasm she introduced herself and I knew, before she even began her audition monologue, that she simply oozed talent.

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Health Uncensored: How to Stay Ho Ho Healthy!

Health Uncensored: How to Stay Ho Ho Healthy!

It’s that time of year where the fun and festive Holidays can turn into hell-idays for your waistline. I get it! I love me some pumpkin pie, gingerbread men and my stepmom’s monkey bread on Christmas morning. But it’s important to get some really great and easy habits in place to prevent one from being mistaken for good ol’ Santa Clause. Meet me under under the mistletoe because I’ve got 5 tips so killer, you’re gonna wanna kiss me when you’re done reading this! Pucker up baby!

Tip #1: Let’s start by playing a gameSee I told you this would be fun! read more

L.A. Survival Guide: Rejection and the Actor

“We constantly shape shift, we figure out ways to attain our dreams and pursue them at full force.” – Miranda O’Hare

Recently, I went to a casting for a feature film here in LA. The usual transpired, it was in the Valley which with traffic (and there is always, always traffic in LA) is an almost hour long drive from my apartment in West Hollywood, sometimes more. It was a balmy 100 degrees (LA is in a constant state of sweltering heat). Despite the usual challenges, I arrive with five minutes to spare, deeply impressed with myself for not being late. I have my script in tow and a mild whole body sweat that I’m trying to pass off as a general glow. I sit in a packed waiting room; the actor sitting next to me me tells me that they’re running an hour behind. Excellent. I wait, I run over my script, I eat a snack in my bag, I stare at my phone, time passes. Eventually after an hour and fifteen minutes, I am called into the casting room. As I walk in, I am surprised by just how many people are in this room, mostly men. Very little is said to me. Someone asks me to slate and to begin the first scene; I barely know where the reader more

5 Questions with Alexandra Keddie

“At the end of the day we are all pursuing this industry because it’s fun and makes us happy.” – Alexandra Keddie

“Alexandra Keddie captures the bewilderment of visiting ingenue, Jackie Coryton”

– Herald Sun

I have to admit that I have a secret girl crush on Alexandra Keddie. It all began around the time of the US 2016 election campaign. Whilst the entire free world was fixated on the Clinton|Trump theatrics I furtively imagined a world where the greatest actress to ever exist pulled a rabbit out of a hat (or in this particular case three Oscars) to become the first female President of the United States of America. A world where talent, imagination and fierce brilliance inspired humanity, a world where Meryl Streep reigned, “That’s all.”read more

Commercial Actors Should Never…

Commercial Actors Should Never…

I always like to keep things in perspective when casting. A favorite phrase of mine: We aren’t curing cancer, we are casting a commercial. This is important for me, personally, to keep in mind because things can get stressful quickly in the world of commercials and sometimes it feels like the walls are caving in. As things move quicker and quicker and demands become more insane, actors will be increasingly finding themselves in the position to save the day.

Commercial actors should never miss an opportunity to become a casting director favorite.

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The Competitive Edge – Eleven Ways to Not Sabotage Yourself

The Competitive Edge – Eleven Ways to Not Sabotage Yourself

The acting business is based on so many variables that you don’t have control over.  The good news is there are many things you do have control over. I hesitate to share this list of errors because every item seems so obvious to me, but it’s happened too many times that I would be remiss not to share. Getting these things right can make a difference in being considered a trusted professional and, sometimes even getting or losing an audition.  

  1. Attach a resume to your breakdown.  Some people do not have a resume attached to their photo submissions.  If there is no resume a casting director knows nothing about you.  Casting directors are choosing people who they know something about to fulfill a role, even if it’s just a look.  You cannot be considered without a resume.  Someone who has a resume will be chosen over someone who does not.                                                                                                                                   read more
Act Smart! Don’t fall for the flash

Act Smart! Don’t fall for the flash

Think back: do you remember the moment you knew you wanted to become an actor?

For many, it was watching a mesmerizing performance onscreen or onstage, one that seemed to reach out and speak truth to them and them alone. If you’re like me, there was an electric moment you actually experienced onstage—one where the world both disappeared and was more “there” than ever, and you felt some kind of magic power flowing through you. For (too many) others, it was watching their favorite performer clutch a gold statue in front of millions, or seeing some trumped-up, impeccably art-directed version of their life in a publication or piece of video.

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#BreatheMoveReact: Trailer Tension

Hey Folks,

This month I wanna chat about Trailer Tension!

You’re on a job, a big job that you’ve dreamt of, and worked your butt off to get. You’ve done all your work, your prep, got your hair and make up done, you’re just waiting to get costumed, hanging in your trailer when ‘bang’ all of a sudden, you are completely paralyzed! Doubtful and terrified, wondering how the hell you got there, querying if the director (who up until now you thought was brilliant!) is insane because he cast you and now you’re sourcing the nearest escape route!

WHAT DO I DO??!!! My usual solution of throwing on the trainers, getting my heart pounding and endorphins flowing is not gonna work because I’m wanted on set in 30 minutes and the make up team are not gonna be happy if you sweat off the hour of hard work just because you’re nervous!


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