The Conscious Actor: Manage Disappointments Like a Pro

Nobody gets away with never being disappointed, especially actors. You have to deal with disappointing others and, even more harrowing, disappointing yourself. Fighting this fact rather than getting comfortable with it will only bring more torment to an already difficult situation. Hearing a lot of no’s before you get to a yes is the likely path of an actor. In fact, if you talk to anyone who is at the top of their game, most of them will tell you it wasn’t an easy ride getting there. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, in fact, you are in very good company.

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Questions & Actors: Write Your Own Role

April Audia

If you want to win an award, write your own role!

Don’t wait for something to happen for you, make something happen for you.

Actors, how many of you are waiting around for that perfect role or, for that matter, that one audition that will give you the role of a lifetime?

WHAT IF instead of waiting for something to happen to you, you make something happen for you? Write your own role, win an award, and create your own destiny.

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Health Uncensored: Surround Yourself with Stars!

My mom has always said, “You become who you hang around.” Such true words! Think about the influence our friends or acquaintances have on us; hey lift us up to their level . . . or drag our asses down. Misery loves company, but not our company! We’ve got goals to accomplish and real friends by our side to help us obtain them.

There’s been a lot of insightful sayings in my family, so let’s pretend you’re at my Sunday dinner. Another serving of veggies for you? Okay, kidding, couldn’t help myself. Grandpa would look dead in your eyes, “You choose your friends, you choose your future! Now what’s it going to be?” My cousins and I would laugh as kids, but man, this makes so much sense. Surrounding yourself with friends who have a positive outlook, set goals, work out of their comfort zone, and always strive for greatness will have a huge impact on all those areas of your life too! 

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The Competitive Edge: Transitioning From Commercials to Television

Know who you are, encompass the character you want to play, and target the shows that have your type of character.

All the hard work you put into being a good commercial actor can help you transition into a career in television.

Here are six elements from your commercial career that can help you make the transition to television acting.

1. A Commercial Spot Running

If you have a good commercial spot running, you have a body of work that may be recognized. Theatrical casting directors watch commercials and frequently search for someone they have seen in a commercial who they feel will be good for a TV role they are casting. I can tell you first hand as a casting director, I have had many television casting director friends ask me who is in such-and-such commercial.

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Theatre Review: Elevator

A CEO Woman, a Hot Girl, and a Maintenance Man walk into a bar. No, that’s not quite right, and this is not a joke. But the setup does sound like one, doesn’t it? Seven strangers get stuck in an elevator together. No, that’s really, truly the premise of Elevator and it’s currently on stage at Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood. Does it sound familiar to you? It’s possible you saw it at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2010 or at the Macha Theatre after that. But it has been awhile since you’ve had the opportunity and I say there’s no reason not to check it out.

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Solo Show: CNI Theatre Angel’s 5 Top Tips with Flic Wentzel

Felicity Wentzel

Felicity Wentzel

The power of creativity.

“Virginia Woolf when starting out as a young writer described the curse of the phantom woman whose shadow used to watch over her shoulder as she wrote, the phantom insisting that Woolf mustn’t offend, that she shouldn’t let the world know that she had her own mind. Woolf killed that phantom woman with her bare hands. She had to.” – Felicity Wentzel

All artists have their phantom; actors, directors, writers, casting professionals, indeed anyone engaged in the artistic process, must wrestle the voice of fear and doubt in order to create. In such a subjective medium, often tackling life’s heavy-hitting moments, how do we overcome self-doubt to trust inspiration? How can art lend voice to stories that we feel deserve to be told? How can we use humour to heal and unite?

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5 Questions with Tim Burke

Tim Burke - Writer|Director|Producer and set to make the biggest independent film of all time; Planet X : Gold of the Gods.

Tim Burke is set to make the biggest independent film of all time, Planet X: Gold of the Gods.

If Hollywood loves anything more than a box office success, it’s the emerging filmmakers who deliver the large-scale extravaganzas. In fact, a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter looked at the strategy of using highly creative first-time directors to helm their big budget blockbusters.

The studios’ faith in the rising helmer continues to be evident with the recent success of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla and Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, both breaking the box office with record figures, the latter taking in a monstrous $1.5 billion USD—pun intended.

In June 2016, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios hired Jon Watts to take over their beloved Spider-Man franchise on the strength of his minimalist thriller Cop Car, which was shot on the modest budget of $800,000 USD.

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L.A. Survival Guide: Anything Can Happen

“Successes are a bonus, but life is made of the process of following your passion.”

"...two weeks later, I was on a plane flying to Mauritius to shoot the first episode."

“…two weeks later, I was on a plane flying to Mauritius to shoot the first episode.”

October last year, I was sitting on my couch on a rainy Sunday night, throwing myself a pity party. The party involved me sitting in sweats, eating Postmates, and watching murder mysteries. I hadn’t left the house for the entire day. I was ignoring text messages and just generally feeling really sorry for myself. I had been to countless auditions that month and hadn’t booked a single job. I felt lost. To top it all off, and I had acute bronchitis. I mean oh my god, how long do you have?

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#BreatheMoveReact: Super Workout with Talayna Moana Nikora

Talayna Moana Nikora

Talayna Moana Nikora

Continuing on from last month’s superhero focused edition, this month I talk to Talayna Moana Nikora—actor, stunt person, and, in my opinion, all round superwoman! Any actor that says they haven’t dreamed of doing an action flick and smashing their own stunts is lying. The adrenalin rush you get from watching those films is insane—can you imagine being the one performing them? I know that growing up, and even now, one of my most coveted roles is a Bond bad girl! Give me the fight sequences, the death defying stunts, and, in the long run, the usually explosive death scene . . . argh!

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Casting Networks Meets Signature Pictures

FIGHT Behind the scenes

This week we speak with Sami from Signature Pictures, a London based production company that helps more young, unemployed creatives get real on the job training.

Casting Networks: How was Signature Pictures come into fruition?

Sami Larabi: Signature Pictures was formed in 2012 by our creative director, Jon Max Spatz. He had worked in the camera department on several Harry Potter films, but found himself unemployed afterwards. He went to the Jobcentre and told them that he would like to work in the creative industries, only to be told that there were no relevant opportunities available. Following this, he decided to create a production company that would offer this opportunity for others in similar positions going to the more