Act Smart! The best of my best new year’s planning

Act Smart! The best of my best new year’s planning

One good thing about having knocked around the planet for over half a century is that I’ve got enough years behind me to have test-driven a variety of annual planning methodologies, and enough wits still about me to retain some curiosity and enthusiasm over what comes next. (Well, I hope so, at any rate!)

That said, what has worked for me may not worked for you. And what worked 5 or 10 years ago may not work for either of us now. For example, at a certain point in your life, you may want to lean into a detailed, analytical system, like Jinny Ditzler’s Your Best Year Yet. Then, at another point, you may want to go for the more visceral, intuitive experience of creating a vision board. read more

The Conscious Actor

The Conscious Actor

10 Ways To Build Resilience

Talent alone is not enough to bring you success.  You must   have  resilience in order to hang in there when the going gets tough.   Woody Allen recognizes the importance of stamina when he said,  “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  Last Sunday, I was visiting the Hammer Museum with my family and noticed  Dianne Wiest eating lunch alone. She looked fragile with her arm in a sling and I thought to myself, underneath that angelic exterior and soft voice is one tough cookie! I remembered reading about what she had gone through as an actress in her early days.  As a young actress, she hit a bump that could’ve ended her career. Cast in a play and feeling totally lost, during a rehearsal, the director exploded at her saying, “If I had any idea how BAD you really were, I never would have cast you!” Instead of going home and giving up, she found the strength to hang in there and create a flourishing career.  In an excerpt from the book, “Actors At Work,” by Tichler and Kaplan, Wiest talks openly about another challenge in her career while filming the film Bullets Over Broadway  – “Woody sent me the script (Bullets Over Broadway) and said I’d be perfect for the part. read more

Questions & Actors – An Actor’s Guide to December’s Countdown

Questions & Actors – An Actor’s Guide to December’s Countdown

QUESTIONS: As December countdown begins, I find more people get reflective, including myself, as we look back at the 300 or so days that have passed asking ourselves, did I achieve any of my goals or at least start one? If not, why didn’t I make any effort to get that new job, start my book, meet that wonderful man or woman? Why did I not enroll in acting classes, get new headshots or make that move to another city?

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Agents & Managers FAQs

Casting Networks – An Update for Agents and Managers

We have been working as quickly as we can to make the 20th Century Fox TV and Feature transition as efficient as possible for everyone involved. The onboarding process has been a big undertaking, and we really appreciate your patience through this time. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, for a more detailed help page, please click here 


1. My actors already have a profile with their Commercial agent, do they now need an additional profile?

2. How do I view my entire roster?

3. Where do I find my company code

4. How do I ensure my talent can add their 2 free photos without being charged?

5. How do I upload resumes?

6. My company is based outside of LA — will I still have access to submit to LA projects?

7. How do I upload my roster?

8. Do I have to enter my clients personal details (email address etc.)?

9. The theatrical casting notices are buried in non-union, background and commercial casting notices, is there anything I can do?

10. There are only a list of preselected headers (Film, Television, Theater) but there is no way to add your own header for something like Awards.

11. Will there be training available?

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Spotlight on Female Directors Making it Happen

Spotlight on Female Directors Making it Happen

With there being a big focus right now on women in the industry, the new F-rating on IMDb, and on it being both a fair, and safe industry for women to work, we want to take a look at a selection of British talent who are taking the industry by storm – creating work that is powerful and exciting – and female lead. And not that being a female should ever stand in the way of doing incredible work, or getting the chance to, but we did want to find out, if it ever does.

Here we talk to directors Fenella Greenfield, Chryssanthi Kouri and Louise Cooke, about all things female director related.

Meet Fenella Greenfield…

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Theatre Angel: 5 Top Casting Tips with Emily Jenkinson

“Casting is a non-stop job. Offices don’t close for lunch, in fact, that’s when you catch up on admin. If you’re not at the theatre, you’re still at work at 8 or 9pm most nights. Despite this, it’s wonderful to be a part of a production at such an early stage that millions of people may see and interesting to see how different a show may have been if a different actor had taken the role.”

Emily Jenkinson has worked as a freelance casting assistant for some of London’s most busiest and dynamic casting offices.

Her first break came from Shaheen Baig (Peaky Blinders, Lady MacBeth, God’s Own Country). “Given that the website features pictures of the casting directors as children, I sent in an application saying “attached is my CV and a picture of myself as a small child.” It must have been memorable enough for them take a chance on me a few months later!”read more

5 Questions with Jess Loudon

Jessica Loudon

“Basically, the actor’s job is to be the ultimate detective, collect all the pieces of the puzzle and put it together to create a fully formed, nuanced, believable character.” – Jess Loudon

Generosity of spirit is crucial in this industry. Whilst it is important to keep things close to our heart it is equally important to share our passion and combine knowledge and talent amongst our community. In short, what you give, you get back.

Jess Loudon is an abundance of generosity. From the moment she walks into a room you instantly feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders into oblivion. The first time I met Jess was when I was auditioning her for a role, with a big smile, and a voice showered in enthusiasm she introduced herself and I knew, before she even began her audition monologue, that she simply oozed talent.

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Health Uncensored: How to Stay Ho Ho Healthy!

Health Uncensored: How to Stay Ho Ho Healthy!

It’s that time of year where the fun and festive Holidays can turn into hell-idays for your waistline. I get it! I love me some pumpkin pie, gingerbread men and my stepmom’s monkey bread on Christmas morning. But it’s important to get some really great and easy habits in place to prevent one from being mistaken for good ol’ Santa Clause. Meet me under under the mistletoe because I’ve got 5 tips so killer, you’re gonna wanna kiss me when you’re done reading this! Pucker up baby!

Tip #1: Let’s start by playing a gameSee I told you this would be fun! read more

L.A. Survival Guide: Rejection and the Actor

“We constantly shape shift, we figure out ways to attain our dreams and pursue them at full force.” – Miranda O’Hare

Recently, I went to a casting for a feature film here in LA. The usual transpired, it was in the Valley which with traffic (and there is always, always traffic in LA) is an almost hour long drive from my apartment in West Hollywood, sometimes more. It was a balmy 100 degrees (LA is in a constant state of sweltering heat). Despite the usual challenges, I arrive with five minutes to spare, deeply impressed with myself for not being late. I have my script in tow and a mild whole body sweat that I’m trying to pass off as a general glow. I sit in a packed waiting room; the actor sitting next to me me tells me that they’re running an hour behind. Excellent. I wait, I run over my script, I eat a snack in my bag, I stare at my phone, time passes. Eventually after an hour and fifteen minutes, I am called into the casting room. As I walk in, I am surprised by just how many people are in this room, mostly men. Very little is said to me. Someone asks me to slate and to begin the first scene; I barely know where the reader more

5 Questions with Alexandra Keddie

“At the end of the day we are all pursuing this industry because it’s fun and makes us happy.” – Alexandra Keddie

“Alexandra Keddie captures the bewilderment of visiting ingenue, Jackie Coryton”

– Herald Sun

I have to admit that I have a secret girl crush on Alexandra Keddie. It all began around the time of the US 2016 election campaign. Whilst the entire free world was fixated on the Clinton|Trump theatrics I furtively imagined a world where the greatest actress to ever exist pulled a rabbit out of a hat (or in this particular case three Oscars) to become the first female President of the United States of America. A world where talent, imagination and fierce brilliance inspired humanity, a world where Meryl Streep reigned, “That’s all.”read more