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  1. A friend told me about Ron and reommcended him to me. It just so happened that I had a sports injury that kept hanging on. So I called Ron and asked him for healing. The pain disappeared completely! This was over a year ago and I will always be glad that I was introduced to Ron’s healing!

    • Way to use the internet to help people solve prsbelmo!

    • My condolences to her family and friends and on your personal loss. Zelda was a style icon to us all and will be long remembered – in fact – immortalized, because of you. Thankks Zelda!

    • , I’m surprised that in the Northeast (I am originally from Boston) this went through like it did.This post wasn’t intended to belittle the efforts, rather, to point out my inward shame about the whole situation on both a national and human level.

    • Ala-kzaamainformation found, problem solved, thanks!


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